Legovich at risk. And for the ‘Prealpina’ not only him

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Not just Legovich at risk

At home against Bertram Tortona, Pallacanestro Trieste lost its fourth game in a row in the league and is on 0 points. Saturday night’s heavy knockout with the Piedmontese (88-60 for Marco Ramondino’s team) would put Marco Legovich’s bench at great risk, according to at least La Prealpina reports.

According to the same newspaper, Frank Bartley’s position would also be in the balance, although before any move is made they would be waiting to find fresh economic forces to intervene in the market.
“We married a very young coach. That of Legovich was not a choice determined by savings but by the fact that we believe a lot in the technical value of this young man that we have been building in house for a few years now and we gave him this responsibility because he deserves it,” Giulians president Mario Ghiacci told a few weeks ago.

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