Barcelona-Olympia Milan, Brandon Davies wants a lot of mental toughness

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AX seeks fourth outside win in Euroleague

Today, at the Palau (8:30 p.m.), Barcelona-Olimpia Milano is on stage. AX, orphaned of Shields, seeks its fourth consecutive external victory in the Euroleague. The Blaugrana, without Mirotic, aim to redeem themselves after an uphill start to the tournament (2-2). Last January, the red-and-whites routed the Palau 75-73.

It will be a special contest for Davies, in his first year in Milan but back from three seasons, as a star player, at Barcelona: “I have great memories of my experience in Barcelona, I’m happy to return to what was my second home for a while and play at Palau again, this time as an opponent. It will be a tough game, we come from two consecutive outside wins, but this is a test against a disciplined team that plays the right way. So far we have won in different ways, but the constant has been mental toughness, you need a lot of it to win away from home, and we will have to have it in Barcelona as well.”

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