Real Madrid-Virtus Bologna result changes

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Real Madrid-Virtus Bologna result changes

A singular episode in the match valid for the fifth day of the Euroleague between Real Madrid and Virtus Bologna, which saw the Felsinians impose themselves on the Spaniards’ parquet.

Euroleague reported that a scoring error was made, having awarded a point from a free throw to Real’s player, Dzanan Musa, when in fact the Bosnian winger had lost possession of the ball.

“During the game between Real Madrid and Virtus Segafredo Bologna, valid for Round 5 of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season, with 6.59 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Real Madrid’s Dzanan Musa committed a lost ball resulting in possession of the ball by Virtus,” the official note reads.

“The USC (Unified Scorers Crew) mistakenly converted a free throw by Dzanan Musa instead of the lost ball. The situation was not corrected during the game leading to an incorrect final score of 92-95,” the release continues.

“The correct final score of the game is 91-95 and all game and individual statistics have already been corrected on the official Euroleague Basketball platforms,” the Euroleague note concludes.

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