F1: Max Verstappen, swipe at Lewis Hamilton

©Getty Images

Max Verstappen sends a dig at Lewis Hamilton

The weekend leading up to Mexico somewhat rekindled the rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, with the two rivals for the 2021 F1 World Championship occupying the top two spots on the podium in Texas. And in an interview with the Daily Mail, the Dutch champion somewhat rode the wave of a seemingly dormant rivalry by launching a new dig at the number 44.

“I’ve been told that in interviews he refers to me as ‘him’ and to Red Bull as ‘them,’ without ever mentioning the name,” he sentenced. “I’ve always been taught to have respect for the successes of athletes in sports. I never had a problem with his achievements, he is one of the best ever.”

“I know very well that he did not win just because of his car,” Verstappen added. “That helps, but you always have to beat your teammate, and Lewis has always been very consistent in that regard. I think it is always necessary to recognize the merits of someone who has done a great job.”

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