Basketball, three clubs fined in A’s and inhibition for a president

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Sting for VL Pesaro

As many as three clubs are fined after the fifth day of Serie A. Sting for VL Pesaro, which suffers a triple sanction: a €1,000 fine, a deploration for coach Jasmin Repesa and a seven-day ban for president Ario Costa.

GERMANI BRESCIA. Fine of €450.00 for collective and sporadic offenses against the referees [art. 27,4a RG rec.,art. 24,2b RG].

CARPEGNA PROSCIUTTO PESARO. fine of Euro 1,000.00 for collective and frequent offenses against the referees [art. 27,4b RG rec.,art. 24,4 RG]

JASMIN REPESA (Coach CARPEGNA PROSCIUTTO PESARO). Deplorable because, although ejected for double technical foul, he returned to the playing field at the end of the game to celebrate. In determining the penalty, the mitigating circumstance of the tenuousness of the behavior was taken into account [art. 36 RG rec.].

ARIO COSTA (President CARPEGNA PROSCIUTTO). Inhibition for 7 days until November 6, 2022 for offensive behavior towards referees. The position of president held was taken into account in the determination of the sanction. Replaced with fine of € 3,000.00[art. 33.1/1b RG rec., art. 24.2b RG, art. 21.5a RG].

OPENJOBMETIS VARESE. Fine of € 2,000.00 for chants inspired by hatred and territorial discrimination [art. 27,4b RG rec., art. 28,3 RG, art. 24,4 RG]

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