Uccio advises Pecco Bagnaia to imitate Valentino Rossi

©Getty Images

Uccio’s advice

Alessio Salucci, for all Uccio, has experienced so many important vigils in the company of Valentino Rossi. Vigils of races in which the Doctor played the title of world champion, just as it will happen to Pecco Bagnaia on Sunday in Valencia.

The number 46’s right-hand man, asked by Sky Sports, gave some advice to the Ducati’s Piedmontese. “He has to stay calm and pretend it’s a normal weekend,” he remarked. “Valentino has always been a special rider: in these situations it was he who calmed us down, other centaurs struggled to sleep in these situations, instead he was so serene that he struggled to get out of bed.

“Valentino and Pecco talk to each other all the time,” added Uccio, who confirmed Rossi’s arrival in Valencia on Friday evening.

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