Reggio Emilia, Max Menetti wants to pull off the feat against Virtus Bologna

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Menetti wants to do the feat

The coach of Pallacanestro Reggiana, Max Menetti, spoke in a press conference on the eve of the challenge on the court of the leader Virtus Bologna.

The coach of the red and white team believes in the feat: “There is the pleasure of playing in a fantastic stage like PalaDozza. About Virtus there is little to say, the blazon of the club, the value of their coach, the even sixteen players on the staff and the fact that they are playing the Euroleague speak for them.”

“From our point of view, I think the key will be the spirit with which we will face this match: we will have to take the court with the dream of winning, with the desire to play a great game putting ourselves in the conditions to build, within the forty minutes, an opportunity that can make us tangible this goal. Our focuses will be two: the first is to measure ourselves, facing a team that can really give you an idea of the level you have reached, and the second is to use this game to grow. We will have to play with boldness, heart and courage,” Menetti continued.

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