Pecco Bagnaia laughs and denies Valentino Rossi

©Getty Images

The words of Pecco Bagnaia

Valentino Rossi on the eve of the Valencia GP had said that when you are about to win a world championship it is impossible to sleep but Pecco Bagnaia on Sunday morning after the warm up contradicted him ”

“I also told him that I don’t talk rubbish. The only good thing about the weekend was really that I slept all the time. Tonight especially I really slept a lot,” he let it be known laughing.

Bagnaia then spoke more seriously about the warm up: “We went back to the basic set-up and it was a nice surprise. Already in the first lap I had very good feelings and it was a good release. With the used tires we went strong, we’ll see in the race how it goes.”

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