Davis Cup, Lorenzo Musetti is adamant: “It’s not up to me.”

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“I would certainly enjoy being able to take the field to defend our colors.”

After fluently archiving his Red Group debut at the Next Gen ATP Finals, where according to many insiders he is the big favorite for the final victory, Lorenzo Musetti in a press conference did not only talk about the Milan competition reserved for the best Under 21 players on the circuit. The Davis Cup Final Eight looms, and the Carrara tennis player feels ready to play a starring role.

“I think today, one year away from the 2021 Next Gen Finals, my mindset has changed, especially at the end of the season. I have gained a lot of awareness and so now, in every tournament, I play to win, and next year will be the same, starting with Australia. Because only if you really believe in it do you achieve certain things. Then, in terms of matches, I have changed a lot. Today I take the court with a different mentality; last year maybe emotions or great end-of-year fatigue prevailed. Today I feel catapulted into another dimension, I feel like another player. Obviously I have more experience playing many more matches at this level, and today I won against a good opponent, so I am happy,” the Blue began.

“Davis Cup? What I feel will have little influence on the final decision. In any case, even if I had beaten Jannik and Matteo in the week before the competition-even if it happened to some extent with Matteo-it doesn’t mean that I am then a starter. That will be the captain’s choice, and it will be a decision also made by mutual agreement with the whole team. We will certainly talk, everyone will point out their physical problems, fatigue, however, the final choice is not up to me, although I would certainly be pleased to be able to take the field to defend our colors,” Musetti admitted.

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