Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia tempted by new number

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Pecco Bagnaia could choose number 1 as world champion next season

Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia on the sidelines of the Valencia tests talked about his choice of number for next season: the Piedmontese rider could adopt the number 1 as world champion, abandoning 63.

“I’m happy to have this kind of issue, but it’s something I’ll have to think about a lot, because the 1 is a number that not everyone can put on. It’s also something that can put a lot of pressure on you, though. I’ve always been fascinated by drivers with the number 1, so we’ll see. It won’t be easy to choose,” are the words reported by Motorsport.

Bagnaia has not yet read the messages that have come in: “I haven’t read anything, because I have no idea how many messages I have received, but they are really a lot. I will take advantage of the moments on the plane or in the moments of relaxation to answer everyone….”

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