F1, Bernie Ecclestone freezes Mick Schumacher: “You better leave it alone.”

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Former F1 circus patron Ecclestone: “Schumacher focus on other championships.”

Former circus patron Bernie Ecclestone in an interview with RTL advised Mick Schumacher to leave Formula 1 and try other championships: “I don’t think he will still be in Haas next year, people were disappointed with his performance. We don’t know if it was because of him or the team, but obviously it’s hard to find someone who will put him in a winning team.”

“At the moment there is no place,” Ecclestone continued, “He needs to forget F1 and concentrate on other motorsport series. His name is his biggest burden, and he tries to hold on to it as best he can. And that’s what makes it difficult for him.” Schumacher has finished in the Top Ten twice this season, in England and Austria, and scored a total of 12 points in the standings.

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