Juventus: Paul Pogba dances at home, fans amazed and angry

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Juve midfielder Paul Pogba: “Knee test passed.”

“Knee test passed”: Paul Pogba on Instagram posted a video of him dancing at home in the company of his partner and children.

The wild dance of the Juventus midfielder, who will be forced to miss the World Cup due to injury and will only be available again in January (he has not yet made his debut in his second adventure in bianconero), provoked the reactions of hundreds of Juventus fans: between those who are angry about the Frenchman’s attitude, to those worried about a possible new injury.

“Stand still that you break another time,” “So you make yourself hated,” “I love you but I hate you,” “I thought you were injured,” “Jump less that you hurt yourself,” ” I would just like to remind you that Juve is giving you flowers of money for not doing a f—.” are some of the more civil messages.

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