The “Bull” frames Jose Mourinho: “Never liked him, changing the channel”

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The “Taurus” incubates Jose Mourinho

Pasquale Luiso, former player of Vicenza, Piacenza and Avellino, among others, and coach of Juve Stabia Primavera, spoke exclusively at the microphones of Centro Suono Sport 101.5 during the program “Borderò.”

Sora’s Toro was not particularly tender with Jose Mourinho: “Honestly I have never liked him, all these young coaches who want to propose some soccer and turn-ball around from behind instead I admire them. If I have to watch a Mourinho game I prefer to change the channel, I can’t take notes. When I played there was Guidolin who proposed good soccer, vertical and fast soccer with high intensity. However, Mourinho brought a Cup to Rome after so many years, he brought enthusiasm and every home game there are 60,000 fans. Sometimes though, in my opinion, he should raise his hand and do mea culpa, he is an experienced coach and can recognize his mistakes. Hats off, however, for what he has won.”

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