Ferrari, Binotto case and nervous Leclerc: Sainz clarifies

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“Without rumors and rumors it wouldn’t be Ferrari….”

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz in an interview with Corriere della Sera downplays the Binotto case, after rumors of the team principal’s farewell at the end of the season denied by Maranello: “Without rumors and rumors it wouldn’t be Ferrari. They will always exist, we are calm. Maybe we do a double here and then everything will be forgotten. I will always thank Binotto for choosing me and trusting me. He was the first of a great team to believe in me. Mattia will always be special to me.”

On his relationship with Charles Leclerc, who was very nervous in Brazil: “With Charles there is competition, but the respect and admiration of one for the other is so high that we never had any friction or problems. Even with a competitive car. He is one of the best teammates I have had. The hierarchies? I didn’t feel second in Ferrari or anywhere else. I wouldn’t deserve it. And indeed I was pleased with one thing: the respect I found. After the start of the season I could have been a second driver. But I fought back.”

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