MotoGp, Marc Marquez speaks out on his physical condition

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Marc Marquez looks ahead to 2023

Having filed another difficult season, mainly due to injuries, Marc Marquez is already looking ahead to 2023: the eight-time world champion is not letting himself go with proclamations, and indeed admits that he still needs to work physically to get back in the fight for the MotoGp title, which he has been missing since 2019.

Speaking during the “En la Honda con Sergio Romero” podcast, the Catalan rider did not shy away from questions regarding his physical condition: “I don’t think an arm that has been operated on four times can be one hundred percent like the other arm,” Marquez admitted. “This winter I will understand better: since I returned to the track I have noticed greater overloads from a muscular point of view, running one Sunday after another has proven to be heavy.

“The solution? This winter I will work specifically on the weaker muscles, the goal is to compensate for the load without weighing down on the operated arm and shoulder,” the Honda HRC centaur further explained.

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