Dominik Paris baffled: “It had never happened to me.”

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Azure was among the first in Lake Louise but lost a ski in the race

Dominik Paris commented with great regret on his performance in the Lake Louise downhill, won by Aleksander Aamodt Kilde.

The Azzurro was skiing on the same times as the Norwegian, who came in just ahead, but fell after one of his skis suddenly came off: “It went well up to that point, I didn’t think I was so fast because I had made two small mistakes, catching a couple of holes. I couldn’t hold the line exactly as I had in my head, but I was fast. When I entered the Followay maybe I was a little light on my foot and I had a very hard impact. I don’t know exactly what happened, I know that in a moment there was no more skiing.”

“It had never happened to me to lose a ski in a race, but today it happened,” Paris continued to Fisi’s microphones. “I’m going away with a zero, but it’s fundamental that I don’t have any physical problem, I don’t feel bad anywhere. This is really important.”

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