Lele Molin after hitting Venice: “Team victory.”

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Trent coach: “A success that makes us especially happy.”

Trento coach Lele Molin congratulated the team on the win in Venice: “There is great satisfaction for this victory in Venice, against one of the bigs in the league: we came to this appointment still in search of a clear team identity, we had positive feelings coming out of the last two games with Virtus Bologna and Ankara despite the defeat.”

“Great effort and an important performance should be credited to the whole team, in a game in which in addition to the absence of Flaccadori we had to do without Atkins and Udom for a good part of the final: in the second half and in the last minutes the talent of Matteo Spagnolo was highlighted, but it was a team performance and victory and this makes us particularly happy.”

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