Turin: there is plan B in M’Bala Nzola

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Turin: there is plan B in Nzola

Torino’s market men are probing the ground in search of a striker: the Granata club, which occupies ninth place in A, has so far netted 16 goals in 15 games. No one has done worse in the top 12 teams in the league table.

In the last few hours the name of Josh Maja, a center forward on the strength of Bordeaux, has popped up. The 1998 class grew up footballingly in Sunderland, then in 2019 moved to the French club. In 2021 he went on loan to Fulham and then, again on a temporary basis, to Stoke City. In June 2022 he returned to the base and since then has totaled be 7 goals and 3 assists in 15 league games. Also enticing Torino is Maja’s contract, which expires in 2023.

The Nigerian striker is the first alternative to M’Bala Nzola: for the Angolan, Toro has been in talks with Spezia for weeks.

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