Juventus, official resignation of Andrea Agnelli and entire BoD

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Juventus, the statement

On Monday evening, sensational news arrived, confirmed by Juventus itself in a statement.

“The members of the Board of Directors, considering the centrality and relevance of the pending legal and technical-accounting issues, have deemed it in the best interests of society to recommend that Juventus provide itself with a new Board of Directors to address these issues. To this end, at the suggestion of Chairman Andrea Agnelli and in order to allow the decision on the renewal of the Board to be referred as soon as possible to the Shareholders’ Meeting, all the members of the Board of Directors present at the meeting declared that they were resigning from office. For the same reasons, each of the three directors holding proxies (Chairman Andrea Agnelli, Vice-Chairman Pavel Nedved, and Chief Executive Officer Maurizio Arrivabene) deemed it appropriate to remit to the Board the proxies granted to them. The Board has, however, requested that Maurizio Arrivabene retain his position as Chief Executive Officer.”

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