Reggina, accident for d.g. Gabriele Martino: serious but not life-threatening

©Getty Images

The amaranth executive was promptly transported to the Great Metropolitan Hospital.

Gabriele Martino, general manager of Reggina, was admitted to the Grande Ospedale Metropolitano in Reggio Calabria following an accident on Wednesday. As reported by the ‘Gazzetta del Sud,’ the executive’s condition is serious but his life is not feared.

The newspaper’s online portal, in reconstructing the dynamics of the incident, explained that Martino was crossing the street at the crosswalk in Mino Reitano Square, in the northern area of Reggio Calabria, when he was run over by a car: the driver stopped and rendered first aid, the ambulance that arrived then transported the executive to the hospital, where they found multiple fractures in his face and several bruises, declaring him, however, fortunately, not in danger of death.

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