Valentino Rossi, Pecco Bagnaia’s admission: “Everything has changed.”

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“In the beginning the Academy was completely different, now we work really professionally,” Pecco Bagnaia’s words about VR46 and Valentino Rossi

MotoGp world champion Pecco Bagnaia at the microphones of Speedweek explained how the VR46 Academy has played a decisive role in his growth. “It is not only the influence of Valentino Rossi,” Bagnaia stressed, “but of all the people who work for us at home. In the beginning it was a completely different academy, now we work in a really professional way.”

“We have everything, if we say we want to train with pocket bikes, they organize everything. If we say we would like to race in Portimao before the season, they organize it for us. It’s incredible the help they give us,” the Ducati centaur’s words.

Competitiveness among the various riders also played a key role: “We work together at home, we push each other. When I saw Morbidelli runner-up 2020 with three wins, it was like a reference for me. That helped me a lot to improve for that I am grateful to the Academy.”

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