Sofia Goggia happy: “What a desire, top start!”

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Sofia Goggia commented on her victory in Lake Louise

Sofia Goggia happily commented on her season debut victory in the women’s downhill in Lake Louise, Canada: “I am very happy with the result, especially because my performance was not perfect. Starting with a victory is top, as seen on the slope there are some points where it is certainly possible to improve, I was dirty in some sections and it is clear that there are margins to grow further, although we know that perfection does not exist,” the words on the Fisi website.

“After all, we were at the first race and there was a lot of desire to start. The goal for Saturday’s downhill is certainly to improve but it must be said that every day has its own story. Compared to the three victories last season it was a smaller success over the competition, I think it was due to the fact that with three days of official practice there was a chance for everyone to better understand the most important parts of the track and choose the most suitable lines. Looking ahead to Saturday I will try to study even more at the video to be more mellow and ski better.”

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