Davide Rebellin, his wife’s despair: “It’s tearing me apart.”

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Francoise Antonini: “Give me the strength to get up, how can I breathe without you?”

Davide Rebellin’s wife, Francoise Antonini, in an open letter posted on Facebook gave vent to all her grief over the disappearance of her husband in a tragic car accident: “My Angel, my great Love…. Imagining my life without you tears me apart… the horror of what you went through tears me apart…. To go on knowing that we will never touch each other again, never speak to each other again, never wake up in each other’s arms tears me apart….”

“Not making the energy bars you used to like so much is tearing me apart…. Our beautiful plans as a couple, which were finally taking shape now that your demanding career was over, and which will never come to fruition, is tearing me apart….”

“Not being able to see and touch you for the last time because you left in such a horrible way, it’s tearing me apart…it’s knocking me down. I’m trying to catch my breath, but how can I breathe without you by my side? I beg you, wrap me in your light, so beautiful, so sweet, so kind, so loving, so sunny…give me the strength to rise again, and most of all rest in peace, this peace you so richly deserve. I will always hold you in my heart and in my whole being, for eternity.”

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