Pecco Bagnaia, confession about Valentino Rossi: “How lucky am I?”

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Ducati centaur Bagnaia returns to his world championship victory

Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia, honored at a gala evening in Rimini during the Fim Awards ceremony, looked back on his MotoGp world championship triumph, the first by an Italian since Valentino Rossi’s World Championship in 2009: “At the end I saw so many people in tears and I realized how much weight I had on my shoulders. It was difficult, but the pressure went away at the end of the season.”

“It was very emotional, it’s the maximum possible for us speed racers, it makes me very happy. This is the dream from when I was a kid, to win in MotoGP, with Ducati is the cherry on top of my dream. Now it will be necessary to think of another one, bigger.”

A thought to master Valentino Rossi, who was also present at the ceremony, by the way: “I am lucky to be able to share my life very often with Vale, we really spend a lot of time together and I realize that I am lucky. I can ask him things that others cannot ask him, no one will ever be like him.”

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