Marc Marquez on Valentino Rossi: “I don’t care anymore.”

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Marc Marquez on Valentino Rossi: "I don’t care anymoreù"

Author of a resounding comeback in the sprint race that allowed him to recover twelve positions and finish second in Catalonia, Marc Marquez expressed all his happiness for what he had done: "I didn’t expect the comeback in Le Mans, where there was the pace, and even less so today where I didn’t feel like I had it. The track was very different, a little slippery, but the pace was there especially in the first few laps".

"I had a good start, then there’è was the contact with Miller that made me lose the’wing. I felt the balance of the bike had changed, but after a couple of laps I adjusted and focused 100 percent on the race. I am a rider who adapts immediately to situations".

Marc Marquez feels closer to the possible ninth title, and he confessed this in an interview with As: "It would be the most valuable of all. It è always been said that it è not difficult to get to the top, but to stay. I managed to stay at the top for many years, but then I disappeared and to rise again è the most difficult thing".

Winning the title would tie Valentino Rossi’s World Championships: "I don’t care and I’ll explain whyé. The right arm taught me and give importance to other things…. After four surgeries, everything takes a back seat".

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