F1, a poll has decreed the overtake of the year

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It’s Sebastian Vettel’s overtake of the year

Although Lewis Hamilton will be honored in Bologna by the FIA at a ceremony scheduled for Friday, Dec. 9, for his maneuver against Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc during the British GP at the Silverstone circuit, a Crypto.com poll has decreed another overtake as the best of the entire Formula 1 season.

The winner of the poll is Sebastian Vettel, who took first place thanks to his maneuver over Kevin Magnussen during the U.S. Grand Prix, a maneuver that allowed the four-time world champion German to finish the race in eighth place.

It was Sebastian Vettel who became the first driver to win a world championship with Red Bull. The German put everyone in line for four years in a row, from 2010 to 2013. The Austrian stable returned to success in 2021 thanks to Dutchman Max Verstappen, with the son of art repeating the following year. If there was a battle to the last in 2021, that was not the case in 2022.

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