Sinisa Mihajlovic: the touching farewell of his wife and daughter Virginia

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Sinisa Mihajlovic died at 53 after a tough battle with leukemia

Arianna Rapaccioni, wife of Sinisa Mihajlovic, dedicated a message on Instagram to the Serbian coach, who passed away at 53 after a tough battle with leukemia. “When you are no longer a part of me, I will cut out from your memory so many little stars, then the sky will be so beautiful that the whole world will fall in love with the night,” wrote the woman, who had five children with Sinisa.

One of them, Virginia, in a message on Instagram expressed all her pain in an open letter to her father: “My heart today is broken, shattered. My soul worse, and I can’t keep talking about my super hero, for me dad, for you Sinisa Mihajlovic. It hurts too much, too much. It’s hard dad. It is hard. In this moment of immense suffering I would just need a hug from you. Not just any hug, yours. Mixed with your scent, which, like your soul, stayed on me. And those who know you know what I am referring to.”

“Impossible to accept all this but I find strength in the immense love you gave me in these years of life together, so strong that it will accompany me for the rest of my days. After discovering your fate, I give thanks that I had you with me for these years, in which you gave me everything, everything a father could have given a daughter, in fact much more. You loved me immensely, with all the strength you had. You protected me from everything, from everyone and everything. You were too much. Too much for me. Too much for us. Too much for everyone.”

“I love you Dad, forever, forever, forever. I will cry it out to you every day, convinced that my cry will reach there. We will never be far apart. Hello Dad, my great and Immense love. Promise me that you will be heard, I still need you so much.”

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