Paulo Dybala, the backstory on the strange penalty.

©Getty Images

Paulo Dybala: “Credit to Dibu Martinez.”

Paulo Dybala at the microphones of TyC Sports revealed a backstory of his penalty kick taken in the World Cup final against Argentina. La Joya kicked centrally, sending shivers down the spines of many Argentina fans: “I knew I was going to go in for penalties, I thought I would cross the shot but Dibu Martinez told me to kick centrally because Lloris always dives. Fortunately, I listened to him.”

“I had come in cold and it was not easy. But I knew I had to be cold headed. France had just missed, then it was my turn and the ball went in. It was incredible, a feeling I don’t know if we will ever feel again. I really can’t describe the emotion, the joy. We are really grateful to the people, they suffered together with us and now we are having fun. It was the most beautiful final of all the World Cups.”

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