Zdenek Zeman won’t stand for it: ‘If I speak the case will break out’

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There was no shortage of remarks of affection and sorrow for Sinisa Mihajlovic and Gianluca Vialli

Long since time immemorial at the center of controversy for his historic remarks from more than 20 years ago that ‘soccer should come out of pharmacies and financial offices,’ Zdenek Zeman never ceases to make people talk about him. The latest occasion came on Wednesday, when the prophet of the 4-3-3 spoke on the sidelines of the presentation of his autobiography entitled ‘Beauty Has No Price,’ written with journalist Andrea Di Caro.

“With Sinisa we had a good relationship, a special friendship, when he was at Roma we saw each other often,” began the Bohemian, who then did not fail to talk about Gianluca Vialli, the former footballer still hospitalized in London: “I am sorry for the health condition of Gianluca Vialli and for all the sick people. He is a representative of an important era of Italian soccer, I am sorry,” the statements reported by the ANSA website.

Teased by questions from those present on the apparent disparity of treatment received by him and Claudio Lotito on the subject of the alarm – also recently launched by the biancoceleste patron – over too many cases of serious illnesses affecting players and former players, the former coach of, among others, Roma and Lazio, did not hide his disappointment: “It depends on who says certain things. As soon as I open my mouth, controversies are always made by other people. I don’t make them. If I speak I do it to try to help soccer and sport,” the coach concluded.

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