Alessandro Gentile ready to return, Meo Sacchetti has his say

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Gentile is among the summonses for the Italian Cup challenge against Cantù

Alessandro Gentile, signed a few days ago by Apu Old Wild West Udine, is among the summoned players for the LNP Coppa Italia challenge against Acqua S. Bernardo Cantù, which will give the winning team the right to participate in the Final Four of the competition.

A heavy reinforcement for the category, which represents for the coach of the Canturini, who knows Nando’s youngest son well, a challenge in the challenge: “If Gentile and Monaldi (the latter arrived from Scafati in exchange for Fabio Mian, ed.) take the court, we will play against each other and it will be an extra stimulus,” Sacchetti said during the presentation of the match.

“Udine had ups and downs in the first half of the season, also because of Covid-related problems,” Sacchetti added, “but it is a team of the highest level and with great depth. It is undoubtedly challenging for us to go up against a lineup of this caliber.”

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