Paul Pogba: new snow post and social provocation

©Getty Images

A new post, directed once again at those who have criticized him in recent days.

Paul Pogba returns to tease the Juventus environment, and once again he does so via social media. It was Tuesday when his photo in total relaxation in the snow had upset the Juventus fans in no small part. And in the meantime the Juventus midfielder has repeated himself, posting on Instagram a video in which he looks very amused during his winter vacation.

“Me while skiing. For those wondering,” Pogba joked. The peculiar aspect of the footage is that there are no skis, but the Juventus midfielder merely simulates using them while jumping on fresh snow and giggling.

The French midfielder has yet to make his debut for the Bianconeri since his return to Turin, aided by a knee injury suffered in July and an operation continually postponed to play in the World Cup in Qatar, then skipped anyway when surgery became necessary. Recovery time stretched further during the World Cup and the Christmas vacations, so much so that Pogba may not see himself back on the field until after mid-January.

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