F1, Ferrari: Cesare Fiorio would have acted differently

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Fiorio was for two seasons team principal of the Rossa

From March 1989 to the start of the 1991 season, Fiorio was in charge of Ferrari. On the track he won a second and a third place and, therefore, he knows well the pressure of being in the Cavallino.

“I would have kept Binotto, whom I always thought was a great technician: the F1-75 was, with Red Bull, the best car in 2022. The World Championship did not come because reliability was lacking, because of some wrong strategies and because of some drivers’ mistakes,” his words to Corriere dello Sport.

The former team principal also welcomes Vasseur: “He has a winning track record in the minor formulas but in Formula 1 he hasn’t done anything yet, he carried on his business in a very classic way, being very careful about money. He is not able on his own to guarantee the World Championship, he needs the team and, in case of failure, he will have the alibi of having just arrived. However, I think he is a capable and intelligent person who can adapt quickly.”

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