Federica Pellegrini denies rumors: ‘I’m not pregnant’

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Federica Pellegrini is blunt: “I’m not pregnant, it’s not in the cards for now”

Federica Pellegrini is not pregnant. As rumors circulate on social media, sparked by photos of her New Year’s Eve in the Maldives with Matteo Giunta, the former Italian swimmer to La Repubblica was quick to clarify that she is not expecting a baby: “But go on, we’re not really thinking about it. My mother has been there waiting for a year and a half. And she’s still going to wait. It’s not in our priorities. There are too many commitments and projects to fulfill.”

No return to the pool and no Paris 2024: “I know it would be a nice title: Pellegrini is preparing for her sixth Olympics. But that’s not the case. In Paris 2024 I will be there of course as a Cio member, this summer I don’t know if I will make a jump to the World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan always attracts me very much. I don’t miss the pool, I only go swimming once in a while, I go to the gym more. In short, no existential drama after the farewell. If anything, I had some moments of nostalgia.”

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