Fencing, CdM: Italian foil puts on a show in Paris

©Getty Images

Day to remember for Alice Volpi, Francesca Palumbo and Guillaume Bianchi

Saturday to remember, for Italian fencing, in Paris, where the foil World Cup stage was held: Alice Volpi triumphed in fact in the women’s event, with Francesca Palumbo able to take the third step of the podium, while Guillaume Bianchi finished with a very valuable second place in the men’s event.

Three blue medals that shone under the eyes of Minister for Sports and Youth Andrea Abodi, at the “Stade Pierre de Coubertin,” in front of 3,000 spectators in one of the most anticipated competitions in the international fencing calendar.

Alice Volpi beat, in the final, the American Lee Kiefer (15-13), Francesca Palumbo’s own executioner in the semifinals. Bianchi, on the other hand, surrendered in the final act of the men’s competition against the U.S. athlete Alexander Massialas, who was able to win 15-5 against an Italian who had reached the final at the end of his strength after a not inconsiderable tournament.

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