Fip presidency: Gianni Petrucci warns competition

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Gianni Petrucci warns competition

The deadline for his presidency is approaching, and Gianni Petrucci is warning the competition. “All the names that come out soon, they don’t go all the way. And then until the good Lord leaves me on earth I can’t think about what’s to come. Especially with two years to go before the end of my term. Quoting Andreotti, I haven’t kicked the bucket yet,” he points out with Tuttosport.

“No one answers me when I ask why those who make the laws can stay 40 years and those who are in the federations, private entities with a small contribution from the government should lapse after 3 terms. What about the skills? The experiences? I would like to know if golf without President Chimenti would have gotten the Ryder Cup. My answer is no,” he adds.

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