Face-to-face with Cairo, Juric: “We also said tough things to each other.”

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Face-to-face with Cairo, Juric: “I spoke my mind.”

In the next round of the championship Torino will be called to the examination Fiorentina. Ivan Juric analyzed the opposing team this way, “They have 20 level players. At the beginning of the season they paid a little for the cup factor but they are a great team and they have a very good coach who is Vincenzo Italiano, I like him a lot.”

Juric had a discussion with Urbano Cairo: “It was good, we took stock of the situation. In a year and a half an exceptional job has been done both economically, with the lowering of the payroll and the sale of Bremer, and sports-wise with the rejuvenation of the squad and better results. Now the club can see the future with different eyes than a year ago. I have said what I think, where we can do better, now let’s see. It seems to me that Cairo wants to grow and improve, we will see in the concrete. They are serious all the deadlines we have, let’s see how they will be dealt with.”

“Renewal? That’s not the talk, it’s not a priority to do the long contract to get more money, the goal is mainly sporting. With the president we talked 95% about soccer and how to develop the company. I see positive things, it’s time for important decisions and to understand the path that Toro will take. I still have a long contract. For me it is important that the team does six months great, that we improve and we want to do well in the league and it would be important to make the Italian Cup semifinal. The finances of a club are important, now we have to improve. Then we will see.”

In closing a line on the market: “On the disposals front we only have the situation of Berisha, for the others we are fair. Berisha wants to play, that’s the only situation I know. There were other situations but with injuries things have changed. On the rest I’m not going to get involved, let’s see what the market will be: there are so many things to be done. Yesterday I enjoyed the meeting, we told each other even tough things but with sincerity. It was useful for me, for Cairo and for Vagnati. I am coaching and to the fullest, they have to decide how they want to continue. It’s clear that we need concrete things.”

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