Ferrari, Carlos Sainz has a special message for his fans

©Getty Images

A tribute intended for those who support him, in Ferrari but also before his arrival in Maranello.

Carlos Sainz sends a message to his fans, admitting that their support is not only important, but even at the beginning of his career represented a real surprise for him. And the words of the Spanish driver, who addressed the issue during an event with a Ferrari sponsor, are very clear.

“I remember well when I started to have my first fans,” explained Sainz. “They followed me around the world, and that excited me so much. I thought I was nobody, and suddenly I realized I had a fanbase.”

It was precisely his personal fans that gave Sainz feelings that were unexpected at that stage of his career. “I really didn’t understand why they followed me, since I was nobody they could know. But what you get triggered in moments like that is a small, big emotion. That’s why you always keep a special relationship with the very first fans.”

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