Max Verstappen and the request to Red Bull: a clarification pops up

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A very meticulous sample, but without a demand that might have seemed even excessive.

Max Verstappen admitted without mincing words that one of the secrets of Red Bull victories are the fruit of the many hours spent personally at the simulator. A job that so many teams entrust to non-starter drivers, but one that the Dutch ace likes to tackle himself. So much so that he has apparently misled none other than Helmut Marko.

Indeed, Red Bull’s much-heard consultant had told ‘Sport1’ of a particular request to Verstappen’s team: that he even have a simulator on his private jet. In the meantime, however, the influential ‘De Telegraaf’ intervened to shed light on the situation.

Indeed, the Dutch newspaper clarified that Verstappen’s request does not concern the private jet, but rather the motorhome that Red Bull sets up at the racetracks where the various seasonal GPs are held. In any case, the two-time world champion’s focus on testing away from the circuits remains.

“I know that elsewhere you work differently, but everyone has their own driving style. So dealing with it personally can become really important. And even though the days at the simulator can be very long and sometimes boring, it’s really worth it in the end,” Verstappen had recently told ‘’.

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