F1, Toto Wolff teases Red Bull on budget cap issue

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Here comes a dig from Toto Wolff

With just over two weeks to go before the start of the Formula 1 World Championship, there is renewed talk of the budget cap and the penalty imposed on Red Bull in recent months. In this specific case, it is Toto Wolff who has returned to the subject, launching a new dig at the Milton Keynes-based team.

“The less time in the wind tunnel is certainly not a positive aspect for them,” are the words of the Mercedes executive collected by the ‘Mirror’, “and it is a small advantage for us. If you have an efficient car, though, you can certainly compensate.”

“We’ve been in a similar situation, of course not because of penalties, and we still won,” Wolff added. “Just because of our wins we had less time than everyone else in the wind tunnel in the last two seasons. So I think they will suffer a little bit from this penalty, but they won’t be hurt much.”

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