Ettore Messina ejected, Olympia anxious about Napier

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The words of Mario Fioretti

Mario Fioretti spoke about the clear victory over Scafati, which was also marked by Ettore Messina’s ejection. “I think we had a race of ups and downs, but with good moments both in the first half and for seven minutes of the third quarter, where we expressed good basketball. Another super effort by Baron, then we distributed the minutes well and even the guys who had played less, they were ready. Putting Baldasso and Pangos, who had limited minutes, back on the court.”

Comment on Napier’s injury: “He hurt his ankle, he will be evaluated in the next few hours. We’ll know tomorrow morning what’s next for us.”

Last season Ettore Messina’s team returned to win the Scudetto, snatching it from Virtus Segafredo Bologna’s jerseys. The red-and-whites, who had finished in second place right behind Sergio Scariolo’s team in the regular season, immediately brought the court factor to their side in the final series and never let the Felsinians catch them again. In the Euroleague, Sergio Rodriguez (who said goodbye to the Red Shoes in the summer to return to Spain) and his teammates were eliminated by Ergin Ataman’s Anadolu Efes, who would win the tournament for the second year in a row.

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