Samuele Ceccarelli wants to stay ahead of Marcell Jacobs

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The words of Samuel Ceccarelli

The comeback celebration, the well-deserved rest, the emotions that cannot be erased, the hopes for the future that are now becoming more and more concrete. The guests of today’s episode of Atletica Talk, the weekly in-depth magazine of Atletica TV, are European 60 champion Samuele Ceccarelli and silver medalist Larissa Iapichino in the long, two of the major protagonists of a memorable edition of the Euroindoors for the Italian national team. On their return from Istanbul, the two Tuscan athletes talk about how they lived this very fortunate experience and how much their results moved the bar, also with a view to the outdoor season.

In light of 6.47 in the semifinals and 6.48 in the finals, how good is Ceccarelli in the 100? That is the question that is becoming more and more insistent. The interested party answers, “An idea I have, but I couldn’t say a chrono. Certainly the base that can be worked on is obvious to everyone, it is a very good time to start from. My coach says that on the thrown I can hold, given my technical characteristics, and I trust him. Now it’s a matter of working as hard as I can to add 40 more meters. Also, being part of the relay team that won Olympic gold in Tokyo is one of the goals, I want to be prepared for what will happen.”

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