Gilardino gloats, “One of the best matches played.”

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Gilardino’s words after the victory with Ternana

Alberto Gilardino spoke in the press conference to analyze Genoa’s fine victory over Ternana that allowed the Grifone to reach second place in the standings: “First half absolutely one of the best games played both in proposing play and dribbling, at the beginning of the second half we went too low at the start but we were solid defensively. We knew that Ternana was a team that has quality and better on set pieces, not taking goals again today shows how determined and proactive we are. Credit to these guys. We haven’t done anything yet but we have to persevere and continue like this.”

“It was an important victory against a team that has category players. But we were there today in all phases, we knew what to do with the ball between our feet. The will is to rotate everyone on the field, both from the side defenders and midfielders, when we find teams that close we have to move and rotate them. The defensive side starts with the attitude of the attackers. It is a positive note for both those who are playing and those who are taking over. Available all to the principles we do during the week. We have to continue with the work and to believe with what we do,” Gilardino concluded.

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