Sofia Goggia is not in her skin: her admission

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Sofia Goggia: “I’m already looking forward to my fourth cup.”

Sofia Goggia on the eve of the downhill in Soldeu wrote her thoughts on Instagram ahead of the last race of the season. “Wednesday is a good day. Because when I get out of bed in the morning, imagining the moment when I’m going to pick up my fourth Cup, I’ll be anticipating it and smiling ; actually I’m already doing it now.”

“The three I got in the past years I won them by battling until the last race but this season , however, no: it is already largely mine. And it is precisely for this reason, precisely because with certainty I will be the one to clutch that wonderful little globe, that I now need to focus on what instead has not yet been written.”

“At the gate Wednesday is the same little girl who showed up at the first race in Lake Louise with so much excitement … the desire to have fun is the same, the bib will be 14 and the heart will be invaded by gratitude to those who , loving me, helped me win this fourth crystal ball.
On Wednesday, without wandering around, straight to the point: direction and will are everything.”

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