F1: Lewis Hamilton outspoken about possible landing in Ferrari

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After harsh attack on Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton backtracked in Jeddah

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton wanted to clarify his position on the German team’s early-season difficulties.The British driver had been very harsh at the end of the weekend in Bahrain.

“I probably did not choose the best words in saying that the team had not listened to me,” explained the seven-time world champion. “There were moments when I disagreed with some of the team members, but it is important to keep communicating and stick together.

Hamilton then ruled out in farewell at the end of the season, perhaps to go and drive for Ferrari: “I believe 100 percent in this team, which has been my family for so long, so I have no plans to go elsewhere. The important thing is to direct us on the right path. We have seen what our performances are and those of the others, so we have to stop making too bold decisions or making rash moves, otherwise the gap will continue to increase,” the Anglocaraibian concluded at the press conference.

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