Juventus, Calvo: “We have not dumped Pogba.”

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Juventus’ Chief Football Officer: “We want him on the field as soon as possible.”

Juventus Chief Football Officer Francesco Calvo at the microphones of Sky Sport spoke about the difficult situation of Paul Pogba, who is injured again: “He is the first one who is not happy with this situation, with this year in which he has played very little, and with this latest injury that happened to him. I believe that when we talk about great players everything is emphasized for better or worse.”

“I read in the newspapers big headlines in the negative about Pogba, even that Juventus would decide to dump Pogba. Absolutely not. He came to Juventus when he was 19 years old, it’s been 11 years, he knows us, he knows that Juventus is like a family for him, giving a lot but also demanding a lot. We right now see him making a commitment, we expect only commitment on the field and the will to see him on the field as we know him as soon as possible.”

“We believe so much in Pogba, otherwise we would not have made a four-year contract. He is the first to be sorry right now, we are sorry, he knows very well the commitment we expect. We talk to the player every day and he knows that we are close to him, but he also knows that we are not happy with the situation, just as he is not happy.”

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