Jannik Sinner also won the wind

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Jannik Sinner’s words after the victory over Taylor Fritz

Jannik Sinner spoke at a press conference after reaching the semifinals in Indian Wells, eliminating Taylor Fritz in three sets in the quarterfinals: “I was aware from the beginning that he was very well here, it was a tough challenge. He won the tournament last year and two years ago he beat me. I have trained with him a couple of times and knew what to expect, obviously in matches he is a little different. I’m happy with the win, now we’ll see what happens next.”

“I started the match very well, then I held serve and the confidence went up,” Sinner continued. “The match was difficult, the conditions were tough and especially there was some wind. It’s tough, but it’s tough for both of us, especially on serve and in the long exchanges. At one point I changed my serving position and that no doubt helped me. I felt really really good, but it is hard to respond to that. The best tennis players with these conditions are Nadal and Alcaraz, they put so much spin in their shots and it’s already hard to face them in normal conditions. Last year however there was more wind, then of course you also need luck. I play trying to take every opportunity, playing on these courts and with this great crowd is great.”

“Mentally it was hard last year, now it’s better. I am happy with this win, I was prepared for this challenge and I knew what to expect. Fritz is an incredible tennis player and I think he will have a great season. Darren gave me advice about my opponent and was a great help. I am a different player than I have been in the past and I have the mentality of wanting to change right away if things are not going well. This is all part of my growth. I still have many things to improve,” concluded the South Tyrolean tennis player.

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