Antonio Conte explodes: ‘Excuses, excuses, excuses, nothing is won here’

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Antonio Conte explodes: ‘Excuses, excuses, excuses, nothing is won here’

Antonio Conte is the big star in the aftermath of the Tottenham-Southampton match, which ended in a pyrotechnic 3-3 result, making the Spurs’ qualification for the next Champions League more arduous.

In the press conference, the Lecce coach is a river in flood: “I think it’s the right time to speak because this performance for me is unacceptable. I think it’s better to go into it, we are not a team, we are just 11 players taking the field. I see selfish players, players who don’t want to help each other and don’t put their heart into it. Before today I tried to hide the situation and improve the situation with words. Beyond tactics and technique, you have to have desire, fire in your eyes, in your heart. You have to have it in every moment. We have deteriorated in this aspect compared to last season.”

Conte gets angry with those who say the uncertainty of his future and those of some players conditions the team: “Excuses, excuses, excuses. Trying to protect them every time. Bah. Come on, we are professionals. The club pays us a lot of money, the players get the money, I get the money. Not to make excuses. The players, where are the players? I only see 11 players playing alone. Now there are 10 games left, and if anyone thinks we can fight with this attitude, with this spirit. What do we have to fight for? For seventh or eighth place? I’m not used to fighting for that.”

He does not miss his lunge at the club: “Tottenham’s history is this for 20 years, they have never won anything. Why? If they want to continue like this, they can change the coach, so many coaches, but the situation cannot change. Believe me.”

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