Billie Jean King Cup: Trevisan and Giorgi lead the Azzurri with Slovakia

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Tathiana Gabin’s choices for the challenge with Slovakia

Italy’s captain Tathiana Garbin has released the official list of summoned players for the Billie Jean King Cup qualifying match against Slovakia, scheduled for April 14 and 15 in Bratislava.

Leading the Azzurre will be Martina Trevisan, followed in ranking order by Camila Giorgi, Elisabetta Cocciaretto, Jasmine Paolini and Lucia Bronzetti.

“I have a lot of confidence in my girls and I am particularly proud of the good atmosphere that is created every time we meet at the national team. It is a close-knit team, the group is very united and there is always a beautiful atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation,” Garbin told the official FITP website.

“In ranking order our girls are positioned better than their opponents but the pitfalls in Billie Jean King Cup are many, and we are aware of them. We know our opponents well, they are experienced and when they play in the national team they always get excited. Their No. 1, Schmiedlova, was also world No. 26 and has won 3 WTA titles in her career; she is a very consistent player and very dangerous when she plays in front of her audience,” concluded the captain of the Azzurre.

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