Dorothea Wierer ends season with one regret

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Dorothea Wierer closes biathlon CdM with eighth place in mass start

Dorothea Wierer closes the Biathlon World Cup with an eighth place in the mass start, won by Sweden’s Hanna Oeberg. A result, however, that smacks of regret for the South Tyrolean champion, who until the last polygon was in the thick of the race for the podium.

Fatal, to Wierer, a mistake in the last series of target throws: at the finish line, the Italian finished one minute and ten seconds behind, twenty-six against the athlete who came in third, French Anais Chevalier.

As for the other Italians, Lisa Vittozzi’s thirteenth place should be noted, as she retains her third place in the overall standings behind CdM winner Julia Simon of France and Wierer herself, who finished second.

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