Mercedes, Hamilton’s bitterness: “I have no confidence in this car.”

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Lewis Hamilton seven-time world champion again beaten by Russell in qualifying

Bitter start to the World Championship for Lewis Hamilton, who just can’t adjust to the new Mercedes single-seater and was again beaten by teammate George Russell in Saturday’s qualifying in Saudi Arabia.

“I simply struggled to extract performance from the car. George did a great job, he’s on the second row so obviously the car is working. I don’t feel connected to this car,” are the words uttered by Hamilton after the race.

“No matter what I do or what I change, I can’t find the confidence,” the Anglocaribbean driver continued.

Hamilton announced in recent days the separation from physiotherapist Angela Cullen: “Angela has been part of the family for a long time. I think in every team and in every group if things don’t work anymore, you have to be honest about it and make changes. Angela will always be the mascot of our team. She is the only person who has a higher pitch of voice than a Formula 1 car at the start,” Toto Wolff explained.

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